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Friday, September 7, 2012

"Melancholy Floral" Original Oil Painting on 11"x14" Oval Canvas Finished Yesterday

The original floral painting to the right looked very different from this finished version.  It seems that in the midst of painting this I started looking at other floral paintings of friends and in that process of comparing myself and my artwork to others I got caught up in that grey space.  I know better than to do this tho sometimes it just seems to happen, a reminder that I am very much a human being and very much still in the process of evolving as an artist.  I could have scratched it all and started over but decided that no, even though I kept going back and forth with the thoughts of "oh, I really LIKE this to no, I DON'T like it" it is what it is and in the end, yes, I DO like it as it is uniquely me and it's okay that I am who I am and don't need to try to be any other version of myself..  

Funny that on typing these comments and being true to myself and honest about those feelings I have lifted myself out of that space and even tho a bit overcast today in New Mexico am going to fully enjoy this beautiful day that is before me. No painting today even tho I did start on something that had been sitting around for awhile barely started ... will leave that for ANOTHER day (smile).  Beauty awaits!

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