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I welcome your comments and hope that as we journey together you will find, as I do, that it's more fun making a journey along with others and with each new work or adventure there is also growth and expansion. Come back again soon.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoying the Beauty of New Mexico while Recuperating

I just love seeing hollyhocks dotting the landscapes of New Mexico and find it interesting that last year the ones we have in our backyard and around our fountain had flowers that were very pale pink. I thought the ones that came up around the older plants this year were probably the same color, as you can see not the case. The same thing applied to the ones in my bricked in garden area, they were pale pink last year but this year are deep deep burgundy almost black colored.

Though yesterday the winds were probably 60 mph blowing smoke in from the fire in Southern New Mexico, today is breezy yet clear with pleasant temperatures and beautiful blue skies.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Momentary Delay

Had a momentary lapse in postings and painting due to a traffic accident last Friday and felt I needed to post something to my blog to let you know.  Grateful today for life as I was broadsided and had the other person hit my car just a little further back or at my driver's side door I might not be here today at all.  Funny that the thing that upset me most after seeing my car and thinking about all the circumstances surrounding my purchasing that car was the fact that I've felt recently so compelled to paint most all the time and just did not feel like even going into my art room, much less picking up a brush or pastels.  My usual happy, optimistic personality seemed overshadowed by aches and pains, irritability with the simplest of things and overwhelming feelings of anxiety and dullness in my thinking.

The title of this post is MOMENTARY DELAY ... that's what this is going to be as I am feeling the return of my usual happy, optimistic self.  Soon I hope to be back to my daily painting and artistic endeavors.  It's amazing to me how much love and support I have gained just by entering the "Twitter World" (smile) and connecting with so many other artists.  I hope that this is just the beginning for me.  I will end my typing with the wonderful words of Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way" "Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source.  As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity." and Louis Armstrong when he said, in the same book "What we play is life."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Painting Late Last Night - 13 May 2012

"Ochre Hills" 9x12" Oil 
Last night late as I was in my art room talking to a friend and waiting for a call back I was looking at the painting on the right I started a couple of days ago. I remember that a few years ago (May of 2000) when we were visiting my dear friend here in New Mexico we stopped at Bien Mur Gift Shop.  Next to it the Sandia Pueblo keeps buffalo and inside while browsing around I met a wonderful man, a Mr. Tom Boothe.  Mr. Boothe was so encouraging and we talked for quite awhile. He was interested that I was a fairly new artist and talk turned to the possibility of our moving here to New Mexico.  That one little conversation was a catalyst and motivating factor in our decision to move to New Mexico in 2006.  I thought it only fitting that somehow I work buffalo into this painting ... so here it is, finished now.  From time to time I wonder how Mr. Booth is and say a little prayer to wish him well.

Initial Beginnings of New Painting
My parents are from Oklahoma and I've always so enjoyed others paintings of chickens and roosters as they remind me of my grandma chasing around the chickens in her yard and yes, "wringing their necks" to prepare them for dinner.  We used to get such a kick out of grandma running around the yard shrieking and laughing at them so last night I decided to start an oil painting of my own version of a rooster.  I think this rooster is very regal and proud so I hope to incorporate all those elements into my painting. Somehow my thoughts of late have been with all those people in my life who have gifted me with so many positive and memories of a simpler life.  I feel so blessed that I have those memories and want to honor all of them by keeping things simple, even with my paintings.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Received these flowers from my brother yesterday with a coupon for my choice of a facial, haircut, pedicure or manicure.  Last weekend he had a minor heart attack and a stent put in which reminded me how fragile life really is.  I've had my own scrapes with mortality and many struggling with life, itself, right now.  I so appreciate my brother in my life.  He is my only sibling and the only other person in the world who knows and understands the world I grew up in.  On this Mother's Day I celebrate my own mother who is 84 years old, struggling to remain independent surviving her other siblings all but one and was the very best mom she knew how to be when I was growing up.  Bless my mom for all she has been through with and for me and for her example of solid, hardworking ethics.

Day Before Mother's Day - In the Painting Mode

"Ochre Hills" Original Oil
Original Oil "Wispy Floral"
Yesterday I woke up in painting mode after about a week of just not feeling the urge.  Had some things happening in the past week that reminded me of the necessity of taking good care of oneself.  I'm not sure if the "Ochre Hills" painting is yet finished, seems to need or lack something to me.  So for now I'm posting it and will see if something else strikes me this next week.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Springtime in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Nature so inspires me and I couldn't believe this Swallowtail let me get so close in order to take pictures.  Beautiful and sunny this morning and now we're having thunder, lightning and I can smell rain. I love the monsoons here in New Mexico.

News last week of a family member having a light heart attack had me in the midst of family crisis again. I'm so grateful that I have all the people I do in my life and love my family and friends.  Hopefully the beauty of nature and subsiding of crisis' will help inspire me in being creative again.  I'm still re-reading my "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Original Gouache, Acrylic, Pen & Ink "60's Floral" on 5x5" Tile

"60's Floral"
Have been reminded lately of the 60's and late last night found myself in my art room and because this little tile was already primed decided I'd just "let it flow".  Was a fun little project and got me back into doing creative things.  Earlier in the day I made my husband one of his favorites, a tuna casserole and caught up on phone calls.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Samantha's Rose" Original Acrylic Painted 29 Apr 2012

"Samantha's Rose" Original Acrylic
For her 14th birthday I asked my friend, Samantha, what she'd like and to my surprise she said a painting of a rose.  She asked me Saturday afternoon and this is the finished acrylic painting I did for her on Sunday and took to her for an early birthday present.  Her birthday is actually today May 1st.  She is a budding artist, herself, and I'm very flattered that she loves my artwork.