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Friday, November 15, 2013

Halfway Through November - Special Times

November started out with a bang for us as we drove from our home here in New Mexico over to California for a family wedding.  What a wonderful time we had, the weather was good for traveling, we enjoyed special time with different family members and loved being at the wedding of my husband's great nephew and his new bride.  Here are some pictures we took at the photo booth at the wedding (of my husband and myself and our daughter with two of our great nieces).

To the left is a picture of a painting I call "Stuck in the Seaweed", it is on 8"x10" on canvas and was donated to a raffle at a local non profit event.  It started out as an oil painting though after painting over a store bought Halloween mask as part of our wedding gift, the day of the dead style somehow transferred to this painting making it multimedia.

The painting to the right is an original oil painting I finished
about three weeks ago, it is on 8"x10" wood panel.  This morning I titled this painting "Empty & Earnestly - Where Did My Friend Go?" As I started this painting almost a month ago I was beginning to let go of my sister-in-law who died last year from brain cancer and all the feeling of loss and confusion about what happened to the close friendship I was always so grateful for that seemed to be absent during her illness.  I put the painting aside after finishing it and last night as I was writing and thinking about the past year and all that has happened realized that this painting represents the beauty I always found in Rosa and how empty I felt visiting her the last few times.  I don't know where my dear friend went in her illness though I do know that today she is in no pain, with the God of my understanding and that I will always love and treasure her and our friendship and special memories.