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Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 2011 -- Study of Hollyhocks with Ant Exploring

My intention has been to first do a prismacolor pencil drawing of these hollyhock blooms with ant(s) exploring, secondly to do a watercolor painting of the same subject and thirdly to do an oil painting so I suppose this could be considered "a study". 

I'm grateful that an artist friend suggested me reading "Art & Fear" and I stumbled across this statement "Requiring perfection invites paralysis" as my art is definitely not perfect (I know where the errors/imperfections are) tho I am making progress in choosing to display knowing that in some mediums it's easier to make those corrections than in others.  So this is my first installment and I still have the second and third to present to you.

May 2011 UPDATE

Hadn't realized I got a bit lax in updating this blog.  These two paintings at the top are floral watercolors.  I had been wanting to do an oil landscape just to keep the creative juices flowing and in trying to paint more consistently.  I'm pleased that I actually have been doing more painting and still allowing time in my life for those other things that create so much joy and pleasure for me like my family and friends.
"Sunlit Acequia" - original oil painting