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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paintings this Past Week - Two Finished and One in Process

Last week I began a rework of an oil painting done a few years ago and in that process decided to paint over it, what appeared is a floral which I'm still in the process of finishing.  I will post pictures when finished.

"Red Sky Dusky Blue"
Next I painted this original watercolor on 11 1/2x18' watercolor paper I named "Red Earth Dusky Blue".
"You Can't See the forest for the Trees"

I started the original 11x16" watercolor to the right "You Can't See the Forest for the Trees" and after letting it sit for a couple days added some pen and ink, sat for another day or two and this morning finished it with a bit of acrylic highlights.

Here is an enhanced photo I took of an aspen grove above Chama, New Mexico during our September 2012 Cumbres Toltec train ride.  The enhancement was what I saw in my mind's eye during that train ride.  I've uploaded some newer artwork to http://jo-gomez.fineartamerica.com/ where you can now purchase prints.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Translator and Links Change to My Art Blog

I've added a translator and couple new links to this art blog.  I am now using Fine Art America and have been using Twitter for awhile although just added them to the links on this page this morning.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Busy Day Painting Yesterday (14 March 2013)

"Beauty of the Valles Caldera"
Yesterday proved to be quite busy all day and even into the evening, with breaks to enjoy some taped television shows with my husband.  First I finished off the clouds in my 9x12" original oil painting "Beauty of the Valles Caldera" shown here to the right.

"Hill Above Acoma Overlook"
Next I primed a 10x10" gallery wrapped canvas with black edges and a true blue background and painted an original acrylic "Hill Above Acoma Overlook" shown to the left.

I painted a small oil on engineered wood though not finished so I won't post a picture of it YET (smile).

"A Cup of Tea and a Good Book"
Lastly I finished an original acrylic painting "A Cup of Tea and a Good Book" on 17 inch and 1 inch thick wood round.  Not sure what this piece's future will be though it is very heavy so probably not a wall hanging, possibly a table top.  For now I will spray varnish it and put it aside.  The picture of it is to the right.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Busy Week - Helping Drive Out of State Folks to Acoma Pueblo and the tram in Albuquerque

Thursday this past week I helped drive some out of state friends to Acoma Pueblo (Sky City) about an hour and a half west of Albuquerque and went on the tour with them.  I ended up buying a beautiful piece of artwork painted by Norma Jean Ortiz "up top" and after the tour we all had lunch together at the restaurant below.  The food was wonderful, service excellent and whole day felt very special and spiritual.

Next on Friday I helped drive other out of state friends to the tram in Albuquerque though forgot my camera so a friend took a couple of pictures while we were at the top and I'll only post one.  After going up on the tram we enjoyed about 45 minutes on top walking around and then as the wind was picking up we took the tram back down and went to Old Town in Albuquerque and had lunch where it began a light rain.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Encouraged by my Artist Friends - My Entry for "Let's Paint New Mexico" Challenge 11

I've been pleasantly surprised and amazed at the connections and friends made the past few months on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and most recently "Let's Paint New Mexico" blog.

I get so busy with life in general that I used to wonder how I would "find the time" to do my artwork ... that is funny to me now as it has become more of a compulsion and necessity rather than a luxury.  Recently in the midst of doing various artwork a friend reminded me I hadn't done a submission for "Let's Paint New Mexico". I'm so glad for that reminder from another artist who understands, so here is my submission for Challenge 11, "Let's Paint New Mexico".  This is an oil painting on 9"x12" canvas panel called "Placitas Old Loop View".

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Catching Up and Enjoying Life and Painting

"Santa Fe Aged"
Friday my husband and I took the Rail Runner (train) to Santa Fe and enjoyed lunch at Tomasita's, the Art of Devotion exhibit at Peyton Wright Gallery, stopped by the Wyeth Hurd Gallery, dessert at the Flying Star at the Railyard.  It must have motivated and inspired me as I found myself starting my morning out with this Conte and pastel on 9x12" black drawing paper I'm calling "Santa Fe Aged".
Also playing around and thinking about some of the modern art at Peyton Wright I painted this small 4x6.5" acrylic that is, as of now, unnamed.

After doing this artwork I realized I had done two smaller acrylic paintings on 4x5.5" cards a couple of weeks ago.  The first is "Golden Glow" and the second "Stormy Weather".
"Golden Glow"
"Stormy Weather"