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Saturday, September 3, 2016

August Transition

"Hovering Beauty" oil on 10x8" canvas
"Gorgeous Gorge" oil on 10x8" canvas
The month of August was one of transition for me with the closing of Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town. Rather than frantically busy myself trying to decide whether or not I needed to try and find another gallery right away to show my art I decided that maybe this would be a good time to take a pause and relax and enjoy the summer along with regrouping and reevaluating what my priorities are.

Right before finding out the gallery was closing I decided that rather than have my paintings on gallery wrapped canvas hanging I wanted to frame some of them as I feel like when I, myself am buying art, I love to feel like I'm getting a really quality piece of artwork and the "complete package". For me that means I like framed art to hang on my walls. My first art instructor helped train us in picking out just the right frame to showcase a particular painting. Through New Mexico Art League I heard that "the frame guy" was coming to town and went and bought quite a few frames.  Here are some pictures of paintings I framed. I think they look so much better framed and now have them available for purchase.

"My Acoma" oil on 10x8" gallery wrapped canvas
"Folklorico Fun" oil on 8x10" canvas
"From Sandia Pueblo" oil on 8x10" canvas
"New Mexico Beauty" oil on 10x8" canvas
"Grazing Deep in the Caldera" oil on 10x10" gwc
These are only part of the paintings I had framed. I didn't want to overwhelm you so I will continue to update tomorrow in another post updating on some exciting coming events as well as newer paintings.

Monday, July 18, 2016

June and July 2016 Update

Wow, seems like a lot has happened since my last blog post on May 30th. Essence Gallery and
Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque owner Jillian Maresco has decided to close her gallery and not renew her lease as of August. It is a beautiful gallery just off the plaza in Old Town and I have been exceedingly happy with the representation and work Jillian has done in representing me and my art for the past year. The last opening and featured artist was Robyn Wellman for this month of July and I loved gathering with other artists and friends of the gallery the beginning of the month and even bought one of Robyn's beautiful paintings (shown here to the right).

Paintings I've been working on I will post photos of, some finished
and some still in the process. First I'll post those that are finished. We have had some of the most awesome sunsets and storms in these past couple of months which have helped me to have quite a bit of resource material and photos to choose from along with creative ideas coming straight out of my head onto my canvas. I reevaluated some recent paintings and reworked a couple shown here to the right of a sunrise and to the left of the Valles Caldera. Lastly I finished a very small gallery wrapped canvas of a landscape scene that came from my head, photo posted to the right.

I have been painting more original paintings and am a little behind on my "Let's Paint New Mexico" paintings for this year's challenges although here is one to the right I did finish. Unlike most of my more realistic paintings, I had some fun with this challenge painting going from abstract to what my husband commented looked a little outer spacey (smile).

I mentioned in my previous post that I am painting a small study in preparation for painting a larger triptych for my cousin and his wife in Arizona of a Cancun sunset they experienced while there. Even this smaller study oil painting is still a work in progress though I'll post the latest photo of it here to the left. I have not painted on the larger triptych which I primed earlier in the month though plan to start on that toward the end of July beginning of August.

The painting I am currently working on is also a work in progress. It is a larger oil painting with the initial painting photo to the left and the current oil on my easel still in progress photo is to the right.

I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place and have so many reference photos of the amazing sunsets, storms, landscape and most recently because of Essence Gallery and Boutique closing I took quite a few photos of Old Town Albuquerque that I'm certain will become some paintings in the future.

I will be picking up my paintings from Essence next week and wish Jillian all the best with any new venture coming her way. It has been an honor and privilege to have her represent me and my art and I have been continually amazed at her energy and work ethic. To the left is my "Bosque Cranes" oil painting on 10"x8" canvas that was sold most recently from Essence. Lastly I'll post a photo collage of the paintings still at Essence this week, if interested in any you only have a week to buy them in Old Town as if they are not sold I will be bringing them home for now until I decide when and where I might be showing my work in another gallery.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Catching Up May 30, 2016

Since my last update the #Twitterartexhibit at the Trygve Lie Gallery in NYC took place and it was announced that next year's exhibit will be held in the UK (Stratford upon Abon, Warwickshire) in support/to benefit Olly's. I was honored to be a participant and also honored to be asked to serve on their board, however, had to decline and am happy that the open position was filled.

Just after my April posting I somehow caught an upper respiratory cold which pretty much sidelined me through April and half of May. The "Let's Paint New Mexico" group had some challenges and one (Challenge 7) I did the beginning of May is shown here to the left. It is on 10"x8" canvas an oil painting I named "Prayerful Pilgrimage to Chimayo". Honestly I didn't even want to paint this scene, however, I did make a commitment to do every single challenge painting. Soon after I painted and submitted this to them for their webpage I painted over it.

Next as I felt a little better I decided to paint the beginnings of a 10"x8"
oil study to use for a large tryptich oil painting of a beautiful sunset in Cancun my cousin and his wife had recently experienced. This continues to be a work in progress though to the right is my initial beginnings of the small study oil painting.
To the left was Challenge 6 for LPNM, an acrylic and oil painting on 10"x10" gallery wrapped canvas "Classic 58".  I really enjoyed painting this one and though it was basically leaves and green bushes in the background of the photo I was sent, I opted to do an original landscape in the background. I was also very happy to be feeling much better by this time and almost fully recovered from my cold/sinus illness.

I made plans months earlier to go with friends to the Sacramento
Mountains the weekend of May 20th which just happened to coincide with a paint out day at Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town Saturday, May 21st which I had to miss. To the right is a photo of the beautiful sunset from the patio outside my room that Saturday evening. It was a wonderfully restful, peaceful and relaxing weekend and very much needed. The paint out I heard was a wonderful success and I do intend to take my easel and paint in the courtyard near Essence one day coming up.

This past weekend my husband and I were invited to the Jemez Red Rocks Arts and Crafts Show being held Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (today) across from the Walatowa Visitor Center past Jemez Pueblo. We opted to go on Saturday, which turned out to be a gorgeous day. We enjoyed going from booth to booth seeing all the arts and crafts, indian tacos from their food booth, traditional dances and just before leaving finally met up with a dear friend who helped organize the event. Here are some picture we took while there so you can see the beauty of the area, we even photographed Smokey the Bear visiting. We were happy to see, as we left, the parking lot was full and food booth with lines because of the large amount of people.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was invited by artist Linda Storm to her and
fellow artist, Pablo Perea to their open studio and celebration of Pablo's U.S. citizenship at their Santa Fe Art Studio in Santa Fe.

Before getting ready to go I decided to do a little more work on my work in progress (#WIP) study, a small 10"x8" seascape in oils I blogged about above. The photo to the right is this continuing WIP progress, still a ways to go before finished and I can then move on to the larger tryptich oil painting for my cousin.

The open studio and citizenship celebration at Linda Storm and Pablo Perea's studio in Santa Fe was wonderful and the art displayed there, both their individual art and their collaborative art are quite striking and thought provoking. They had many people in attendance, provided music along with food, drink and wonderful conversation. If you have the chance and are in the area check out their work and studio, it really is quite striking! I believe Pablo mentioned to call ahead to schedule a viewing. I was quite honored to be invited by Linda and pleasantly surprised by her down to earth and genuine beauty.

While there I was able to present an acrylic painting I had done two years ago of Wes and Maura Studi to Maura who was a guest and friend of Linda. I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate and thank Linda for graciously insisting I give it to her with the explanation for my inspiration. My inspiration for the painting was seeing a photo online of this couple at a ball at Buffalo Thunder Resort (my husband and I met Wes there several years ago at their grand opening). Something in their eyes and embrace and beauty and gentleness of Maura prompted me to paint them. I am not a portrait painter by any stretch though I have the utmost respect for their contributions to both the native and local communities. I looked online for other photos and decided to paint an eagle symbolic of Wes' release of one over the Taos Gorge when it became a national historical treasure (?) and from possible meaningful and colorful items I viewed in other photos.  To the left is the painting although I was a bit disappointed that once matted and framed it seems the facial color had drastically faded. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Reworking Some Challenges for "Let's Paint New Mexico" From 2015

To the left is one of the challenges I painted last year for "Let's Paint New Mexico" which I reworked this past week. I kept thinking it didn't seem complete and while busy with many other things I decided to add just a few touches and am now calling this done. It is an oil on 8"x10" canvas and available for purchase. If interested please contact me.

To the right is another reworked challenge painting from LPNM 2015.
This one is an oil painting "Distant Glow" which is presented and ready to hang on 10"x10" gallery wrapped canvas. It is also available for purchase directly from me, please contact me if you are interested.

Tomorrow is a special day in Old Town Albuquerque as they celebrate Albuquerque's birthday. I was asked to participate with a few other artists who have paintings at Essence Gallery and Boutique. I already had a prior commitment though said I would try to make it happen. As I type this there is an approaching storm so let's hope that weather doesn't dampen the mood and festivities for the big birthday celebration. We do still need the rain and it already has started out to be a beautiful spring.

Here is a picture of our first oriole arriving to feed at our hummingbird feeders in our backyard.

Thank you for visiting my art blog and your interest in my artwork.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 2016 Spring Paintings and Challenges

This first week of April I've been working on my as yet untitled original oil painting on 8"x10" canvas shown to the left. April started out being quite windy but has now settled into warmer weather which also got me into the gardening mood. I usually wait until May to spread my flower seeds but just couldn't seem to wait so last week threw my wildflower and butterfly and hummingbird flower seeds into my backyard garden. This week I've been trimming bushes and flowers preparing for new growth springing forth. It has warmed up to near 80 and with that warmth and the return of greenery the excitement and renewed motivation to paint those beautiful flowers and nature have also returned.

I wasn't thrilled with the photo sent for Challenge 4 of "Let's Paint New Mexico" and thought of skipping that challenge although I remembered making a commitment to myself to do each challenge presented to me for 2016. To the right is the photo sent me on the left and to the right in the same photo my oil painting rendition I decided to name "Modern Abstract Floral" on 8"x10" canvas (7/8" profile).

The #twitterartexhibit which opened March 31st at Trygve Lie Galleryat 317 E. 52nd Street in New York City was a huge success raising $6700 in two hours that night. This show runs through April 21st and if you are looking for affordable art that benefits a deserving charity please stop in and support Foster Pride NYC. Each postcard size piece of art sells for $35 with 100% of the profit going to Foster Pride NYC. I believe my piece of art contributed is still available for purchase (to the left is a photo of that piece of art "Welcome to New Mexico").

The opening of a new show at Essence Gallery and Boutique at 323 Romero St. NW, Suite 1 in Old Town Albuquerque is presenting the artwork of Fermin Hernandez and that show runs through April 30th. Along with Fermin's beautiful artwork I put together a photo including three other Let's Paint New Mexico participating artists whose artwork is now available also at Essence. That photo is shown to the right.

The participating artists doing the challenge paintings for "Let's Paint New Mexico" were sent five new photos for the next five challenges and although the deadlines have been removed, and in my sticking with my commitment to do each and every challenge, the photo to the left is the last photo I'll post for this update. The photo for Challenge 5 that was sent is to the left in the posted photo, to the right top is my first sketchbook painting study and below it is the second sketchbook study. These studies were done in preparing for the final painting, probably an oil painting I will use as my final submission for that challenge.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Busy Beginning of Spring 2016

I've had a busy beginning of Spring 2016 and happy to say that after my husband and I being sick for about a month beginning around Christmas time last year and then losses of dear friends and family it's good to be in the season of renewal and new beginnings.

Since my last post I finished my original oil painting "Birds of a Feather" on 10"x8" canvas shown to the left. I actually started the painting and was hoping to have it ready for opening and show with bird paintings and jewelry for the month of March at Essence Gallery and Boutique though missed the deadline for that. This week is the last week for the show at the gallery in Old Town Albuquerque, if you get a chance to stop in and check it out I would encourage you to do so. There will be an opening for a new show in April for the works of Fermin Hernandez April 1st from 5-9pm with the show continuing through April 30th.

My husband installed new shelving in my art studio for me and I
began the process of cleaning and reorganizing along with my receiving art supplies I'd ordered from Dick Blick Art Materials. Here are some photos of part of our reorganizing. We are hoping to install new floor covering and paint sometime this summer also.

March 12th I began a little study series of this special little teapot
that I received from my dear friend who lost her mother in January. The photo to the left is the beginning and to the right is the finished watercolor and acrylic painting on 5.5"x8.5" sketch paper finished March 15th.

Next painting was for Challenge 4 of "Let's Paint New Mexico"
2016. First to the left is the photo that was sent to me by LPNM and to the right is my oil painting rendition and interpretation of that photo. I have to say I was not thrilled when I got the photo and thought of skipping this challenge, then reminded myself of my commitment to paint every challenge. I titled this "Modern Abstract Floral" and it is on 8"x10" canvas (7/8" profile) and available for purchase directly from me (contact me via email if interested).

Just last week my husband and I made a surprise visit to my mom in Oklahoma just before Easter and here are some of the things we saw on our trip.

We enjoyed a wonderful day Easter Sunday with dear friends who have become our adopted family here in New Mexico in Corrales.

Coming up later this week will be the opening of the #TwitterArtExhibit at Trygve Lie Gallery in New York City 31 March 2016 from 6-8:30 pm. The exhibit and show run through 21 April 2016 if you're not able to make it to the opening. This year they surpassed their wildest dreams and have postcards from artists around the world available for purchase for $35 with 100% of the funds benefiting Foster Pride NYC (a very worthwhile charity for foster children).

Yesterday we also put out our hummingbird feeders and outdoor furniture in welcoming spring in New Mexico. As is typical of New Mexico springtime we are also preparing for blowing dirt and dust with high wind speeds. Until my next update I thank you for your interest in my art and for visiting my art blog. Please come back again and my website at www.neelygomez.com is now working again also.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Feels Like Spring and "Let's Paint New Mexico 2016" Challenge 3

To the right is my oil painting submission "Hovering Beauty" for challenge three of "Let's Paint New Mexico 2016" on 10"x8" canvas. Due to many newer participants in our "Let's Paint New Mexico" group the administrator decided to continue sending us photos for each of us to paint our rendition in whatever medium we choose though we will not be held to a deadline.

It has been warmer the past month and definitely the trees and birds think that spring have arrived. Here is a photo of our resident hawk who now visits daily along with many other birds.

I'm happy that my painting "Stormy Sunset" sold from Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town the beginning of February to a woman from California. I also sold my painting"Sandia Sunset" to a dear friend who has already placed it in a place of honor in her home.

I just received an art supply order from Dick Blick yesterday and today began reorganizing and cleaning my art studio. We bought some shelving and my husband installed some new shelves yesterday also. Today I enjoyed restocking my books and inspirational artwork and gifts, etc. onto those shelves.
Here is a photo of my inspiration wall and book shelves. Hopefully this summer we can paint with a beautiful light umber color as I fell in love with I.E. Couse's studio wall color in Taos, NM when we toured there a little over a year ago.

If you are local to the area or will be in town please drop by Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque for their show which opens tonight "Feathered Friends". Various artists will be exhibiting paintings of various birds through the month of March.

The #twitterartexhibit will open this year in New York City March 31st 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Trygve Lie Gallery, 317 E. 52nd Street, New York, 10022. The show runs March 31st through April 21st. All postcard submissions will be sold for $35 each with 100% of the proceeds going to a chosen charity. This year that charity will be "Foster Pride" and their "HandMade" program, in which young women in foster care learn to create and market a unique line of crocheted goods.  It is always my honor and privilege to participate in the Twitter Art Exhibity and I am exceedingly happy to hear this year they have exceeded their expectations already receiving 1,000 registered making submissions.

Friday, February 12, 2016

#24 Through #30 Challenge "30 Paintings in 30 Days" and Lessons Learned

#24 was actually my Challenge 2 painting for "Let's Paint New Mexico" that I thought I would also use as a challenge painting for my 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. A photo was sent to all participating artists for LPNM and we paint our own rendition in whatever medium we choose in our own style of painting for each challenge painting. I painted this very late at night as I was staying up painting most of the nights towards the end of my 30 paintings challenge. That morning I visited my dear friend and we went for a walk in the Bosque. Sandhill Cranes were at her house when I arrived that morning and surprisingly as I got out of my car started walking toward and up to me. Usually they go the other direction. I was able to take quite a few photos of them. I decided to distinguish my own LPNM challenge painting from the others I would add some cranes to this painting. This painting "Bosque Cranes" on 10'x8" canvas is typical of this area because of the cranes wintering here in the fields and Bosque. This painting is now framed and available for purchase at Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque.

#25 "Sunlit Canyon" an original oil painting on 10"x8" canvas was something that came straight from my mind. As I was painting these challenge paintings I realized I was putting immense pressure on myself to paint quickly to be able to finish the challenge on time. In the midst of that pressure I realized how much respect and appreciation I have for artists who can paint fast and produce many paintings though for me when I do that my paintings sometimes lack the quality and inspiration my paintings do where I take my time. This painting was done as well as #24 posted above after I took some time for myself, did some journeling, meditation and prayer.

#26 "Highway 4 Jemez" is my original abstract on 8"x10" canvas. By the time I was to this part of these challenge paintings I have to say that I was very aware that rushing myself while painting is not conducive to my own good health, creativity and serenity. I just wanted to catch up and finish the challenge.

#27 above and to the right is a watercolor on 6"x4" watercolor postcard which I have not titled yet. I was hurrying and trying to catch up as I did this little painting.

#28 to the left started out as a watercolor. As I painted this I was not happy with parts of it and decided to use acrylic. At one point it seemed to be finished and I added the gold pen embellishment. As happens at times, the perfectionist artist in me came out and I kept trying to "fix" the facial features. I know that watercolor is not forgiving or easy to go back and fix though being rushed and feeling pressured I wasn't about to start over on something else. So ... the lesson in this little painting "50's Dancer" on 6"x4" watercolor postcard was "leave it alone and step away from the painting" (which I obviously didn't do, but what a great lesson it was).

#29 "Hollyhocks of New Mexico" watercolor, acrylic and pen and ink on 6"x4" postcard was inspired by the photo for a challenge painting by LPNM that I wanted to try in a different medium. To be honest with you I was so very tired, almost to the point of exhaustion by the time I finished this painting I was happy that it turned out as well as it did.

#30 A watercolor, acrylic painting detailed with pen and ink on 6"x4" watercolor postcard was inspired by a hanging plant in my backyard and my final painting for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge".

I challenged myself doing these paintings. Some paintings turned out very nicely and others were ones I hesitated to even post. It was a challenge, a personal challenge for me. Perhaps had I been able to paint one painting a day I would have made this challenge much easier on myself. Life happens, I had many obstacles after deciding to do this challenge and losses of friends and family members. Painting so much helped me to release and express some of those feelings and that is always good. The lessons learned are that as an artist I don't need to "compete" with any other artist or try to paint like anyone else. I also don't need to paint quickly as it only stresses me out and the results lack the quality, inspiration and uniqueness that is ME. What a wonderful discovery to make. I am genuinely grateful and appreciate all my artist friends with their different styles of painting, unique obstacles and successes. I think before doing this challenge I may have been a bit envious of artists who can paint quickly and produce many paintings. What I now know about myself is that as I take my time and paint what I love I am using the talent my creator has given me and it is my PLEASURE to share it with others. I live and I learn. I hope to never stop learning and growing. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and encourage me. I am forever grateful for all those positives in my life on my journey to becoming a better artist and person.