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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wonderful Spring & Welcoming of Summer 2018

The end of April I began my oil painting on 16"x20" canvas and Challenge 8 for "Let's Paint New Mexico". To the left is a collage I put together just this past Sunday of progress to that day. I'm still trying to decide what else it might need or if it is finished.

Here is a photo of a group of birdhouses that are still a "work in progress" with quite a bit of painting left to do before they are finished. As I said in a previous post, an artist friend has already claimed one after she saw my first post with the bright colors and fell in love though after she takes her picks when they are finished the rest will be for sale. Stay tuned for progress reports and photos when they are completed.

This month a dear friend was visiting me and upon seeing my small oil painting, a challenge painting for "Let's Paint New Mexico", of a common roadside memorial floral on a fence asked me if she could touch it and said it reminded her of her grandmother's face, I knew she had to have it. How touching to have brought such emotion and loving thoughts of a dear departed soul, affirming that "In Memorium" that I titled that painting was so very appropriate.

As we approach Memorial Weekend this year I was elated this past Tuesday to have sold three of my paintings and one framed print to friends who have become family to my husband and I. Here are photos of them with their purchased paintings and they insisted on me taking photos with them in a couple.

What a wonderful beginning to summer and a reminder that through all of the changing seasons the most important thing to me, personally, is the love of life, good health, family, friends, nature and all of the things my Creator has so richly blessed me with. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow and I'm grateful to have found the healing power of art, a sense of purpose, the love of family, friends and a beautiful home here in New Mexico with hopes of continuing to improve, grow and always learn more.

Thank you for visiting my art blog and I hope you'll come back for more exciting news and updates soon!

Update for April 2018

Such good things are happening since my last update the beginning of April. First off I was notified by #TwitrArtExhibit that my painting "GorgeUS Taos" sold opening night of their exhibit in Canberra, Australia. Their Twitter notification to me was "Congratulations @neelygomezart your artwork SOLD at the #TAE18AUS opening! 100% of the proceeds raised have gone directly to @PegasusACT. Thank-you so much for your generous donation."

April 10th I sold my painting "Trucking in Seco" to a couple who fell in love with this 8"x10" oil painting and just had to have it. It always warms my heart and makes me happy when someone else loves, appreciates and values my art as much as I do (smile)|!

 Next I finished my oil painting on 8"x10" canvas "Irresistible Iris" and Challenge 7 for "Let's Paint New Mexico". This painting is still available, if interested please contact me by email at joanne@neelygomez.com

April 14th the day before we started our vacation to California and Sedona, Arizona my husband and I enjoyed ourselves at a Doobie Brothers concert at Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque. Wow, it sure brought back a lot of memories for both of us, for me singing with a rock band in California in the 70's who were friends with the original members of the band WAR. Both my husband and I had a great time and the Doobie Brothers, even without some well known later members, still sound great and put on a wonderful show!

Here are some photos of my husband and I on our vacation. It was wonderful to see family and old friends and I always find myself missing them as we leave though grateful to get home and back to my art studio.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Finishing Paintings Welcoming Spring Update

Since my last update I finished my original oil painting "Rio Arriba" I began painting in February. I enjoyed taking my time with this painting and love the area it encapsulates near Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch where Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted extensively in her later years. The pristine nature and beauty of that area always captivates me and each time we have visited I have to be prompted to leave as I can honestly just sit for hours mesmerized. Available directly from the artist contact through email at joanne@neelygomez.com if interested.

Next I finished my Challenge 6 painting for "Let's Paint New Mexico". It is "Heavenly Hollyhock"
an oil painting on 8"x10" canvas panel also available for purchase. I really enjoyed painting the shadows, light and details. I have hollyhocks growing in my own backyard although love the contrast of colors with the bright turquoise and beautiful adobe walls of the building in this painting. What a joy to paint and finishing it up came the beginning of spring and warmer weather with my own flowers and greenery budding all around me.

Enjoying the beauty of spring here in New Mexico also brings with it the anticipation and excitement of the coming months and time spent on walks in the bosque, concerts and cultural events, plein air painting, traveling and the uniqueness that is New Mexico. This year we have had very little rain and so I am hopeful and looking forward to a return of our monsoon rains here usually in the summer.

Here is a picture of my orchid in bloom I took just over this past weekend and of my husband and I at a dear friend's home Easter Sunday celebrating with their family in Corrales.

Monday, March 5, 2018

February through March 5th, 2018

Thank you for bearing with me as I've updated this blog with posts from August through today catching up. I intended to update by January 1st and that got away from me. I appreciate each and every person who takes the time to read my art blog, it is my way of journaling my journey being an artist with the twists and turns life throws in. Thank you for those mentoring, encouraging, supporting and buying my art, I love being an artist and sharing the gifts my Creator has blessed me with and in no way take any of that for granted. I'm grateful that with this posting I will have met my goal and can keep my art blog updated from now on.

Above are photos of Destiny Buck with the commissioned oil painting I completed of her and her cousin "Wanapum Pride" on 16"x20" canvas.

My Challenge 3 submission for "Let's Paint New Mexico 2018" was a joy for me to paint. It is "Arroyo Hondo Northern New Mexico Charm" an oil on 10"x10"x1 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas.

I reworked a painting that began as an abstract and never quite "spoke to me". Some of it is straight from my memory and mind and some from photos and places I have been in New Mexico.

Challenge 4 LPNM was indeed a challenge for me as it includes a truck and landscapes are really what I love to paint. I did make a conscious decision last year to paint every single challenge painting given to me. Some participating artists choose not to paint some of the challenges though, for me, I have felt growth and expansion in myself and my art by having to look deep for beauty, color, and substance in some common or average scenes. I love challenging myself to paint every one of them and like the feeling of accomplishment once it's painted. So here is my oil painting "Albuquerque Vintage" on 8"x10" canvas.

I started an oil painting on 16"x20" canvas of the area around Abiquiu, New Mexico and then felt like I needed a break from oil painting so I started some colorful painting on birdhouses I bought. These are all still in progress so stay tuned as I do more detail and painting on both the oil painting and the birdhouses. A great thing that happened is as soon as I posted this photo on Facebook another artist that I admire asked if I sell the birdhouses and said she wanted to buy one, so she gets first choice when they are finished.

Another break from oil painting is this original acrylic painting "Taos St Francis Church" I painted on 4"x6" Canson watercolor postcard.

Challenge 5 LPNM is "Sacred El Santuario de Chimayo" my oil painting on 8"x10" canvas. Having visited this special, sacred church and viewing the photos people place to be blessed and watched over, watching as people gather some of the soil said to have healing powers, during Holy Week the pilgrimage of so many on the high road to Taos carrying crosses and walking with the sick I felt very inspired while painting.

More work on my still in progress oil painting on 16"x20" canvas of the mountains around Abiquiu and feeling accomplished and good that with this post I am now up to date and have fulfilled my goal.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Happy New Year & New Excitement with Life 2018

Beginning 2018 two challenge paintings were left to finish for "Let's Paint New Mexico 2017" and meet a goal I'd set for myself to finish 2017 well, even if a little late. So with that in mind, here is Challenge 21 my oil painting "Almost to Abiquiu" on 16"x20" canvas. I have to say that particularly with this painting I felt a distinct change and expansion in my painting that began last May with other changes in my life starting.

Next I began my final challenge painting for LPNM 2017 Challenge 22, oil on 16"x20" gallery wrapped canvas "Amazing Abiquiu". The sides are painted gold and this is a beautiful ready to hang piece of art that is available to purchase directly from me.

My first original painting for 2018 is "Sunset Sipping" an oil painting on 4"x6" watercolor postcard that I painted as my possible submission for the Twitter Art Exhibit being held in April in Canberra, Australia 2018. I decided I would paint three different 4"x6" paintings and choose one to submit for the show and sale.

In between paintings I started reading Dr. Daniel G. Amen's book "Making a Good Brain Great" along with some other inspirational and thought provoking reading material suggested in our goal setting workshop to stimulate and motivate new ideas and positive approaches to growth.

After receiving the photo for Challenge 1 for LPNM I completed this mini oil painting "Adobe Morning" on 3"x3" canvas.

My second 4"x6" postcard sized oil painting was
completed shortly after Challenge 1 and I pleasantly surprised myself with the detail I got on such a small sized painting. Also surprised I completed this painting in one day although I have to say I was exhausted by the end of my painting session (smile)!

Two hours of painting produced the final 4"x6" oil painting on Cotman Water Colour Postcard shown to the left "GorgeUS Taos". Next I had to determine which small postcard sized painting I should send to Canberra, Australia for the #TwitterArtExhibit.

To the left is a collage I put together to help make the decision of which painting to submit to Australia and to the right photo of my submission on it's way! I am more than happy and excited to be a participant of #TwitterArtExhibit one again this year with a worthy charity (Pegasus Riding for the Disabled of ACT Inc.) receiving 100% of the funds raised by the sale of these postcards.

I finished up the month of January with my oil painting "Rail Runner Express" on 8"x8" gallery wrapped canvas and Challenge 2 for "Let's Paint New Mexico 2018".

November and December 2017 Update

November felt almost like a new beginning for me as evidenced by this photo I took of myself November 9th with the first oil seascape I painted while taking instruction from Mrs. Alice Goodman in 1998. Off of all medications for high blood pressure, having released almost 30 pounds and enjoying my life, husband, family and friends I also began feeling a new creative energy in my painting.

November 25th (the day after my birthday when I donated $210 to "Feed a Billion" and one day before our 34th wedding anniversary) I finished my "Orange Crepe Paper Poppies" oil on 3"x3" mini canvas and Challenge 15 for "Let's Paint New Mexico". Here is the photo and my completed painting.

In December I went to a goal setting workshop with one of my goals being to catch up with my "Let's Paint New Mexico 2017" challenge paintings before the end of the year as well as other paintings I had started and needed to finish to start fresh for 2018. I'm happy to say that December 17th I finished my oil painting commissioned by a dear friend and so will post the finished painting. It is an original oil painting on 16"x20" canvas titled "Wanapum Pride".

I combined my LPNM challenges 17, 18 and 21 with this mini oil painting "Nature's Gifts" on 4"x4" gallery wrapped canvas and that same evening my husband and I went to a dear friends home in Corrales where she hosted Los Posadas for Christmas. Here's photos of my finished little painting and of us at that beautiful and special event.

For Challenge 16 LPNM I did an oil painting on canvas that I mounted on watercolor postcard and named "New Mexico Postcard". 

Challenge 19 was a mixed media painting on pastel Mi-Tientes paper "Floral Surprise", leaving me with only three more challenges to finish on Christmas Eve 2017.

December 27th I completed Challenge 20 "Seco Sunset" my mini oil painting on 4"x6" canvas and also reworked my Challenge 10 oil painting on 8"x10" canvas "Jemez Valley Vermillion".

December 28th I received my order of art supplies from Dick Blick and got the news my nephew was stopping to visit on his way home to California after his road trip to Washington DC. What a great day combining two of my very favorite things in the whole world, family and art!!!

Life Changes and Refocussing October 2017

In May 2017 my husband made the wonderful and life changing decision to have weight loss surgery after being told of a wonderful bariatric surgeon close by in Albuquerque, New Mexico who not only does does the surgery but also has classes/group meetings each week to educate and prepare for surgery and life after. Meeting Dr. Duc Vuong, head of bariatric surgery at Lovelace Hospital Westside, has been instrumental in bringing better health and living into our lives. I decided, myself, to begin "Dr. V's Diet Challenge" via Facebook and attend the weekly group meetings as support for my husband. My husband had his surgery October 2nd and because of Dr. Vuong's guidance released 70 pounds prior to surgery also getting off prescription medications for diabetes and high blood pressure. I can't begin to express my appreciation to Dr. Vuong and his team for his help and involvement in educating and motivating both of us to embrace his program in improving and expanding our lives. Here are pictures of my husband with Dr. Vuong, with one of his nurses, Amanda and another of my husband the end of October.

During the month of October I did a few paintings, starting with this mini oil painting on 4"x4" gallery wrapped canvas for Challenge 13 of "Let's Paint New Mexico". I thought of combining some of the photos I'd been sent from LPNM into one painting to speed up my process of catching up though decided against it even though I fell quite behind with the challenge paintings. I began to feel a change in my painting around this time which I attribute to my own better eating, exercising and expanding my mind by opening myself up to new friends, new ideas and motivational, inspiring words by my husband's doctor.

My husband was feeling so good by the end of October he
began making his recycled lamps, as he describes them, and we both had sales at The Blue Portal in Old Town of his lamps and some of my paintings/framed prints. Here are some photos of his lamps that sold and my original acrylic painting.

During this time I touched up/reworked my 2015
"Let's Paint New Mexico" challenge painting "Sacred Red" on 10"x10" gallery wrapped canvas, continued painting and progression of my commissioned painting for a dear friend while really noticing the change in my painting with completion of my Challenge 14 oil painting "Lone Hollyhocks" on 4"x4" gallery wrapped canvas.