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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wonderful Artistic Getaway Last Weekend in Taos, New Mexico

Side/Back View San Francisco de Asis
San Francisco de Asis 
Some of the wonderful places we visited were, of course, San Francisco Asis church at Ranchos de Taos. This church is probably one of the most photographed and painted churches in New Mexico, probably because of it's unique architecture.  It is, indeed, a very beautiful church set in a beautiful location. We had lunch at the Ranchos de Taos Plaza Grill sitting almost next to it. The food was spectacular as well as the service. We also visited Total Arts Gallery, Wilder Nightingale Gallery and Copper Moon Gallery.

Ernie and Virginia at Couse-Sharp House, Taos, NM
What an unexpected surprise to get a tour of the Couse-Sharp House by E.I. Couse's granddaughter, Virginia, and her husband, Ernie.  E.I. Couse was one of the eight founding members of the Taos Society of Artists.  We were allowed to take pictures and enjoy a personal look into the life of E.I. Couse and his painting process in this beautifully preserved home, studio and gallery. It was a dream for this artist and left me with much gratitude and inspiration.

Thanks to all for their wonderful hospitality, knowledge and humor. It was wonderful!!!

We then enjoyed some personal time catching up with a dear friend of 24 years who had flown into Taos from Seattle, Washington. We stayed at the Sagebrush Inn and enjoyed breakfast and dinner there with friends.  Here is a picture of one of their beautiful fireplaces.

The staff and time spent there were wonderful, helping us to enjoy a peaceful and restful mini vacation.

Jo Anne Neely Gomez
Harwood Museum of Art
Sunday was spent first having a wonderful breakfast at Doc Martin's inside The Taos Inn then visiting Harwood Museum of Art, R.C. Gorman's House & Studio, The Blumenschein House/Museum, walking the Taos Plaza and early dinner at Guadalajara Grill.

It was a gorgeous drive home from Taos with the chamisa in bloom and beautiful, clear, blue skies with a smattering of clouds and perfect weather. The weekend in Taos was for this artist a "dream weekend" and relaxing, peaceful and awe inspiring.  Thank you Taos for your warm welcome, culture, beauty and art.
Rio Grande River south of Taos, NM

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beautiful September in New Mexico with Fall Approaching

I just had to take a picture of these beautiful flowers in bloom while visiting my dear friend in Corrales this past week.  I love the fall in New Mexico as it is getting a bit chilly in the mornings though warming up to beautiful and pleasantly warm afternoons with gorgeous blue skies and everything green.  Just as I'm really enjoying the beauty of it all it seems the leaves start yellowing and dropping as winter arrives.  Just this week my pink lemonade honeysuckles in my backyard have dropped almost all of their leaves at the same time as it is in full bloom once again.  This has been a wonderful year in New Mexico with the return of the monsoons and bringing new life and reserves much needed.

Here is a picture of an original painting I call "Greening Up", it is an oil painting on 10"x8" wood panel and from my imagination/mind, not from photographs.

I was commissioned to paint a birdhouse for a friend so here are pictures of it after the final protective spray.  I sometimes still lack the confidence to paint from photos so this was a wonderful experience as I had to talk myself through the negative thoughts in the beginning of the process (the photo painting is the side of the birdhouse with the bridge with flowers and a house at the end).  I'm happy with the finished result and hope my friend loves it too (she was elated with the "bridge" side).