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Monday, September 13, 2010

August 2010 Neely Gomez Acrylic Impressionistic Style Landscape

Impressionistic Landscape
August 2010
16x20 Acrylic on Canvas
I thought that rather than do an oil painting in the house I might use acrylics and try a looser approach with my brushstrokes.  I've always wanted to learn to paint in a more free flowing maybe impressionistic way. I also thought I'd try combining the vision from my mind with highlighting colors and see what effect I would get.

Not For Sale - 9 Apr 2010 Neely Gomez Oil Landscape / After David W. Mayer Workshop

Neely Gomez Landscape
8x10 oil on canvas panel
When I took instruction with A. Goodman and we left our work in progress at her studio I would start painting another at home so that whatever instruction I was getting I could apply to another painting, helping me retain the information better.  After the David Mayer "Enchanted Landscapes" workshop I thought I'd do another painting using some of those techniques tho the subject was strictly from my head (not a photo). 

Not For Sale - Neely Gomez Digital Rose Photo Manipulated by Computer (2009?)

Digitally Enhanced Rose Photo
8x10 on Premium Photo Paper
Just thought I'd fool around with a photo I'd taken of a bouquet my brother sent me for my birthday and Photo Shop ..... think it turned out pretty good.

Not For Sale - My First Landscape Painting - 1997

My First Landscape Painting
40 x 44 oil on canvas 

This was the first landscape painting I did under the instruction and guidance of A. Goodman of Beaumont, CA.  She studied with Leon Franks, had painted at The Louvre and was a wonderful guide and mentor as well as becoming a good friend, she told me that at one time she and her husband owned Orange County Publishing in California.  She and her husband (whose pen name is Lee Martin) produced many lapidary (jewelry) making videos as well as cookbooks, dollmaking, knitting, fine china paintings, oil paintings, novels, did freelance writing and were on the staff of Rock and Gem Magazine.  Her classes, tho small with only about six to eight students, were highly anticipated each day as our breaks were filled with the culinary treasures Ms. Goodman treated us to.  We studied landscapes, seascapes, still life, and some snow scenes over a period of about eight months going from class studies to individual lessons.  I will be forever grateful to Ms. Goodman, she gifted me with my first French Easel that had been given to her by her husband, Marty, wouldn't take anything for it and only asked that "when you become famous you mention I gave you your first easel".