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Sunday, May 28, 2017

April and May Update

April was a month of rest and recuperation although I tried to keep the creative juices flowing by doing some sketches.

The Blue Portal in Old Town Albuquerque advised me they had sold some of my art I'd placed there so in preparation of needing to replace items I painted this mini oil painting on 4"x4" canvas and it's little easel (shown on the right). I call this one "Sacred Chimayo", it will be delivered to The Blue Portal after this Memorial Day holiday next week.

I'm still working on my new website hosted by FASO and am in the process of uploading more of my artwork there and updating all my social media online sites.

Spring arrived with our first hummingbird siting April 7th this year. We enjoyed some beautiful songbirds as well as Western Tanagers shown in the photo to the right.
We've also had quite a bit of rain this past year bringing quite a lot of green and beautiful bright colors to our yard.

In May I got back to painting trying to catch up with "Let's Paint New Mexico 2017" and it's challenges. I started out with Challenge 6 "Trucking in Seco" an oil painting on 8"x10" canvas panel shown to the left.
Challenge 7 (shown to the right) was fun and I enjoyed painting the shadows and light cast on our Sandia Mountains overlooking Albuquerque. Aptly named "Sandia Shadows" this is an oil painting on 8"x10" canvas.

Next I did some sketch studies for Challenge 8
because in all honesty I was not very inspired by the photo sent which led me to "go small" for the actual painting done and submitted for this challenge. So to the right is my oil on 6"x4" canvas I mounted to a watercolor postcard. The title for this one is "In Memoriam".

Just this weekend I have completed two more challenges for LPNM, the first for Challenge 9 is an oil painting on 8"x8" gallery wrapped canvas with the sides painted black which is titled "Fall Along the Jemez River" (shown to the right).  Also done this weekend was Challenge 10, an oil on 8"x10" canvas titled "Jemez Valley Vermillion" (posted to the left).

Thank you for visiting my art blog, come back again soon. If interested in purchasing any of my artwork please email me to arrange payment, visit Dr. Brian Dennis' DDS office, The Blue Portal both in Albuquerque, The Range Cafe in Bernalillo, NM or online at Fine Art America.

Monday, April 17, 2017

April Update

My transition to my new website hosted by FineArtStudioOnline (FASO) is now complete and I have been amazed at the wonderful support they have offered in helping with this transfer. This process was started two months ago so I am grateful it is now complete. All is still available through my www.neelygomez.com website though I will now be adding and revamping my website, my email address of joanne@neelygomez.com is also now working properly.

The past month (really just three weeks) has been full of travel, family and helping transition my mom from life in her own home in Oklahoma to living with family in California. It has been one of the busiest times I've experienced to date though I am so grateful for the help of so many wonderfully supportive people both family and friends and to my Creator for blessing me with my mom and every resource and gift I've been given.

During our travels the past three weeks we were amazed at the beautiful spring bloom while driving from Arizona through the desert of Southern California. Here are some of the pictures taken of the spring bloom, what a gorgeous and welcome sight and the blessings from very wet and welcomed winter with overdue rains after a prolonged drought.
Spring has arrived in New Mexico also and with it the arrival of hummingbirds to our backyard feeders. I am looking forward to some wonderful new paintings to come after some much needed rest and resettling.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Update on New Opportunities and Opening Doors to Expansion & Growth

Since my last update I have a few updates about where you can view and purchase my artwork.

First I now have some mini original paintings with display easels and some framed prints and original art at The Blue Portal  at 2107 Church Street NW in Old Town Albuquerque (conveniently located next to the famous Church Street Cafe and one street north of the Plaza).

The Range Cafe in Bernalillo at 925 S. Camino del Pueblo now have available for your viewing and purchase two of my paintings (shown here to the left and the right). Stop in the gift shop to find out where they are hanging after having a meal there, I would
personally suggest for breakfast their country fried steak with green chili gravy and eggs and for lunch or dinner their blue corn enchiladas (with cheese or spinach or your choice of meat). To the left is a picture of their blue corn enchilada plate with chicken I had just last week.

Other news is I am trying out a new website that I have listed to the far right on this page of websites I am associated with. It is through FASO (Fine Art Studios Online) and so far I am enjoying it. I will list the link here also for your convenience. Not too much listed there yet though I look forward to adding more in the future if it works out. http://joanneneelygomez.faso.com/

Thank you for your interest in my art and if you are local and interested in purchasing art at reasonable prices you can save on shipping costs by contacting me direct or visiting these local venues.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

February and March News

John Force & Courtney Force 
Since my last update my husband and I made a quick trip to California to attend the finals day of the NHRA Winternationals at the Pomona Fairplex Sunday February 12th. This was the first time we've been to the Winternationals since moving to New Mexico ten years ago and being the huge race fans that we are we totally enjoyed ourselves as seen in these pictures. We also enjoyed some great family time with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and my brother and sister-in-law and niece while there.

A few days after our return to New Mexico I got a surprise visit from the UPS man delivering packages my brother sent us. These beautiful flowers are still continuing to bloom and are more gorgeous each day we have had them displayed.

I am very happy and honored to announce that a grouping of
my paintings are now hanging in the office of Dr. Brian Dennis, DDS, 8400 Osuna NE #6A in Albuquerque. Dr. Dennis was voted "#1 Dentist" in Albuquerque numerous years by Albuquerque Magazine and has been our dentist for ten years. We always enjoy our visits to the dentist because of the skill, professionalism of Dr. Dennis and his staff and highly recommend them. If interested in purchasing my artwork talk to Lisa who can assist you.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Busy Beginning of 2017

Since my last update life has been busy and I'm happy to
report that I have been painting quite a lot and have actually found it hard to stop myself to enjoy all the other aspects of my life (smile). I guess I've kind of been on a roll with my painting and that is an extremely good feeling. I began by painting Challenge 2 for "Let's Paint New Mexico" I decided to call "Along the Snowy Path", it is on 8"x10" canvas and painted on the canvas I textured about a month before. I really liked the effect of the texturing and then found a beautiful older frame so will post a closer up photo of the painting to the left and the framed one on the right. This painting sold at a silent art auction I chaired for a local non-profit and the buyer was very pleased to find a place of honor in their home to welcome it.

Next I finished my 16"x20" oil painting "Beauty North of Abiquiu" and once framed this will be showcased in a prominent place at the office of Dr. Brian Dennis, DDS off Osuna in Albuquerque. Dr Dennis has graciously offered to display and offer my artwork for purchase in his office and I am forever grateful for not only this but his expertise and care as our personal dentist along with his staff.

Next I enjoyed the beauty of New Mexico and one of it's
classic native flowers as my Challenge 3 for "Let's Paint
New Mexico" in painting my oil painting "Heavenly Hollyhocks" on 8"x10" canvas. Here are some photos of it's progression from it's beginnings

to final submission to LPNM. I love painting New Mexico and hollyhocks.

I have been a participant for a few years with the
#twitrartexhibit where artists globally submit a postcard size piece of artwork to benefit a chosen worthy charity. These art postcards are then sold at an exhibit held in a gallery changing locations each year in different parts of the world for $25 each with the entire proceeds going to charity. This year the exhibit will be held to benefit Molly Olly's Wishes in Stratford Upon Avon in Warwickshire, UK in April. In the past I have sent watercolor and acrylic postcard art but decided this year I would paint in oils and affix my canvas to a postcard. This was sent off in the mail just last week. Usually Twitter Art Exhibit will tweet and email me when my postcard arrives so I am excitedly awaiting notification which could take up to almost two weeks because of the distance from the U.S.A. to UK and postal delivery. I have seen that they have in excess of 1500 postcards this year, which is a wonderful testament to the artist's spirit of generously supporting global charities and also David Sandum, founder of the exhibit for beginning this event and his oversight.

Next, I began my Challenge 4 for LPNM, starting out
in acrylics on 8"x10" canvas panel and finishing up in oils. To the left is the beginnings in acrylics and to the right is the finished submission in oils that I call "Golden Fields of Taos". I really enjoyed painting this piece as I love painting the beautiful nature and natural pristine landscapes of our state of New Mexico and it's gorgeous changing skies and clouds.

Earlier in the month of January I primed an 8"x8" gallery wrapped canvas to do another painting of the Abiquiu area and Super Bowl Sunday I finished painting in oils my original "Abiquiu Rock Formations" just in time to clean up and catch Super Bowl 2017. In finishing up this painting I framed it on it's sides by black which, I think, makes the actual painting somewhat stand out when hung on a wall.

And here, to the right, is the painting I finished and
posted yesterday called "Catching Color" on 8'x10' canvas panel which started out in acrylics and gouache and finished in oils for Challenge 5 of "Let's Paint New Mexico". Honestly the photo I received I didn't think showed much color and I wanted to convey the beautiful colors and natural beauty of even a very non descriptive grass covered orchard in the springtime in New Mexico when the full color has not yet emerged.

With new opportunities and doors opening for me I am excitedly looking forward to more time painting, changes and improvements in my online presence and enjoying my friends and family exploring our beautiful state of New Mexico this year. I hope you decide to come along with me as I begin this new "leg" of my journey.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2016 and Welcoming in 2017

Early in December we visited Winter Spanish Market in Albuquerque. We also visited Old Town and Albuquerque Museum to see the Mabel Dodge Lujan & Company exhibit. We went to the opening of artist and friend Barbara Clark's new gallery "Corrales Fine Arts". Mostly we stayed home and enjoyed decorating our home, watching old movies, visiting with friends and the closing out of 2016.

As a participating artist with "Let's Paint New Mexico" I received the first "Challenge Painting" for 2017 and to the right is my submission. It is "Last Colors of Fall" oil painting on 8"x10" canvas panel. You can visit the "Let's Paint New Mexico" website online to view all of the submissions. We have received our second "Challenge" and I will be making a submission for that in a few days after I complete cleaning and reorganizing my art studio.

2017 will be a year with more focus on my art and painting as I finish up a couple of commitments for a non profit organization and update and make changes to my online artist presence. My husband and I are looking forward to more relaxing day trips and vacations gathering resource material for my painting and his creative enterprises. Here we were in December enjoying
some relaxing time out and about. We're both excited and happy to ring in 2017 healthy and inspired by all the art and beauty around us. Here was our view from the Open Space yesterday in Albuquerque, too bad most of the Sandhill Cranes were not here when we visited though we enjoyed the beautiful weather in the 60's before the storm that is coming with colder temperatures and snow and rain.