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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paintings this Past Week - Two Finished and One in Process

Last week I began a rework of an oil painting done a few years ago and in that process decided to paint over it, what appeared is a floral which I'm still in the process of finishing.  I will post pictures when finished.

"Red Sky Dusky Blue"
Next I painted this original watercolor on 11 1/2x18' watercolor paper I named "Red Earth Dusky Blue".
"You Can't See the forest for the Trees"

I started the original 11x16" watercolor to the right "You Can't See the Forest for the Trees" and after letting it sit for a couple days added some pen and ink, sat for another day or two and this morning finished it with a bit of acrylic highlights.

Here is an enhanced photo I took of an aspen grove above Chama, New Mexico during our September 2012 Cumbres Toltec train ride.  The enhancement was what I saw in my mind's eye during that train ride.  I've uploaded some newer artwork to http://jo-gomez.fineartamerica.com/ where you can now purchase prints.

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