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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Easter's Scarlet Rose" Watercolor & Acrylic on 9x11" Watercolor Paper Finished this Morning

"Easter's Scarlet Rose"
I started this watercolor painting a few days ago and once I posted it to my Facebook page realized it needed something before actually finished.  Some highlights were used with acrylic paint and because I thought it was, once again, "finished" on Easter Sunday named it "Easter's Scarlet Rose".  To my surprise this morning I was back in my art studio and this IS the finished painting.

On to other paintings.  I still haven't done a painting for "Let's Paint New Mexico" challenge. I was asked to paint birdhouses for two friends, a friendship recipe painting, and two paintings.

As you can tell it seems I've been commissioned, even though I SAY I don't really like to do commissions (smile) as they seem too restrictive.  Actually I love doing these birdhouses for friends using my creativity and have license to paint whatever I think applies individually to them, they are gifts of love. The friendship recipe was a special request by a special friend and a love gift also.  A dear friend gave me creative license to paint whatever I want for her though she does want a large painting and I'm thrilled that she is my actual first paid commission.  On with my day ...

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