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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Short Trip to Arizona for Rest & Relaxation with Our Daughter

In the midst of the painting projects that are still ongoing my husband and I made a drive over to Phoenix last week on Friday.

Saturday we met our daughter at the airport and drove to Sedona, had a late breakfast at the Coffee Pot Cafe and then on to the village of Tlaquepaque to see some of the beautiful artwork and natural beauty of the area.  It was a beautiful day with perfect weather and many tourists and a wonderful start to our special time we wanted to have with our daughter as well as the first time we've met her in another state to enjoy a mini vacation together.

Sunday after breakfast we went to see the N. Scott Momaday exhibit at The Heard Museum in Phoenix, sat and had ice tea in the courtyard enjoying native flute music followed by watching some folks dance to
the music of Ritmo Latino in Steele Auditorium there for a couple of songs.  That evening we went to the Comerica Theatre to a Joe Bonamassa concert together, another first as we've been to many concerts though not with our daughter before.

Monday after checking our daughter in at the airport in Phoenix we began our drive home to New Mexico finally arriving at 10pm after a wonderful planned time away from home with alot of love, laughter and sharing with our daughter. What great memories to share together.  Feeling inspired and motivated to continue on with some creative processes now though nice to have had a break.

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