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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature and Ongoing Creative Projects

Green Tailed Towhee
After recuperating from our quick trip to Arizona meeting our daughter and spending some family time together I've been totally enjoying the beginning of spring in New Mexico and specifically some bird watching and flower planting in our backyard.

Finches on Thistle Feeder
Full of Hummers
Here are some pictures of some of the birds in our backyard that have been very entertaining this past week.

Oriole (female)
Oriole (male)
It's amazing to me how it seems I barely have placed the hummingbird feeders and look out to see swarms of hummingbirds appearing from
seemingly nowhere.
Almost Finished 
Mr. Hawk
I have nine projects ongoing currently and think from looking at the pictures above you will be able to see where my inspiration comes from for the items I place on the birdhouses that I individualize and give as love gifts to friends.  The one pictured here is almost complete and five other projects are about half way finished.  I love being busy and able to create and give some of those gifts that God has greatly blessed me with. Come back soon to see my progress and until then I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

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