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Monday, May 27, 2013

Transitioning to Change and Reenergizing

I made a trip to El Paso, Texas with girlfriends the week before Memorial weekend and returning home Sunday heard a tornado was in the area of my mom in Oklahoma.  Luckily it took a turn a little bit north and she called to tell me she had gone to a storm cellar and safe though shaken. Monday the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma had me on pins and needles again having an aunt and cousin with family who live there and also family all over Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and other states affected by bad weather. Happy to hear that though some damage to vehicles from hail everyone in my family were safe with no other damage.

Blue Grosbeak
Making changes to my schedule and routine have
helped me to take better care of myself. I'm getting up early with my hubby, enjoying our yard, our time in the morning to sit on our back patio with coffee and conversation and enjoy the birds and life going on in our backyard after a treadmill walk. This may seem trivial to some though after a traffic accident last year getting back into a regular exercise routine has been harder than I'd imagined it would be and adjusting my schedule throws off my creative schedule also.

"Jemez Cholla"
Acrylic with Silver Pen
on 11"x14" Wood Panel
Happily last night I found myself back in my art studio painting late into the night.  I am still in the midst of quite a few ongoing art projects but waiting for a shipment from Dick Blick to finish those. So ... here is my latest creative burst of energy I finished early this morning.  I call it "Jemez Cholla" and it is a bit different than my usual paintings in that I wanted to accentuate the cholla in the foreground and used some silver pen embellishment as well as highlighting colors to give some dimension.

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