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Monday, May 14, 2012

Painting Late Last Night - 13 May 2012

"Ochre Hills" 9x12" Oil 
Last night late as I was in my art room talking to a friend and waiting for a call back I was looking at the painting on the right I started a couple of days ago. I remember that a few years ago (May of 2000) when we were visiting my dear friend here in New Mexico we stopped at Bien Mur Gift Shop.  Next to it the Sandia Pueblo keeps buffalo and inside while browsing around I met a wonderful man, a Mr. Tom Boothe.  Mr. Boothe was so encouraging and we talked for quite awhile. He was interested that I was a fairly new artist and talk turned to the possibility of our moving here to New Mexico.  That one little conversation was a catalyst and motivating factor in our decision to move to New Mexico in 2006.  I thought it only fitting that somehow I work buffalo into this painting ... so here it is, finished now.  From time to time I wonder how Mr. Booth is and say a little prayer to wish him well.

Initial Beginnings of New Painting
My parents are from Oklahoma and I've always so enjoyed others paintings of chickens and roosters as they remind me of my grandma chasing around the chickens in her yard and yes, "wringing their necks" to prepare them for dinner.  We used to get such a kick out of grandma running around the yard shrieking and laughing at them so last night I decided to start an oil painting of my own version of a rooster.  I think this rooster is very regal and proud so I hope to incorporate all those elements into my painting. Somehow my thoughts of late have been with all those people in my life who have gifted me with so many positive and memories of a simpler life.  I feel so blessed that I have those memories and want to honor all of them by keeping things simple, even with my paintings.

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