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Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Hummingbird Tribute" Small 4"x5" Acrylic Painting for the Little Hummingbird that Didn't Make it

The other evening I found myself in my art studio doing some writing and happened to remember I'd prepped a small 4"x5" canvas with red background and picked up my paints and started painting.  The painting at the left was what came out of that spontaneous action.  Yesterday morning I picked it back up and finished it off, realizing that to me it represented that small hummingbird spirit I hand fed last Sunday morning that didn't make it.  Even though sad I know it is nature and all of my heartfelt concern and help sometimes cannot override what happens naturally in nature guided and nurtured by the Great Creator.  I was honored when a distant cousin remarked that she loved this little painting so much she'd even consider getting a tattoo of it (smile).  I have no tattoos myself though I felt VERY honored by her comment.

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