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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Busy and Productive Day Today

I started my day out today watering my garden very early since records were set yesterday for high temperature of 100 degrees, followed by a 45 minute walk on the treadmill, making spaghetti for dinner tonight so that I wouldn't have any excuses in getting in my art studio and painting.

The first painting I did today is an oil painting, as yet untitled, on 8"x10" canvas pictured to the left.  Next I did another oil painting, same size and thought it was finished but after looking at a picture of it decided that it isn't finished yet after all (smile). I then started some flower painting on a terra cotta flower pot for my neighbor and continued an oil painting (larger sized) of cranes for a friend.
"Abiquiu Summer"

I thought I was finished and my husband and I sat down and had spaghetti for dinner and watched the news, keeping an eye on the fires burning here in New Mexico.

After dinner and the news I found myself back in my art studio and here is the watercolor painting (to the right) I'm calling "Abiquiu Summer" I did in just a few minutes on 8"x10" Ampersand Aquaboard.

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