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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Continuation of Let's Paint New Mexico Painting Challenges for Upcoming December Show at Essence Gallery & Boutique

To the left is my oil painting submission for Challenge E for "Let's Paint New Mexico" on 10"x8" canvas. As a participant in the "Let's Paint New Mexico" group of artists, we are all given a photo and each artist does their own interpretation of that photo into whatever medium they choose. These particular photos and challenges began with the intent of the administrator, Dee Sanchez, presenting 12 photos as challenges and after 27 different artists joining each artist selecting their best three artworks to be displayed for sale at Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque for a December show. To the right is the card announcing the opening and show printed up by Essence Gallery & Boutique.

Challenge F for LPNM is still in process as it is Folklorico dancers and though begun is not finished yet. I skipped around while doing these challenges and know that as I do each one it is definitely a challenge for me when the subject is not one that I am experienced at or feel proficient in. I am certainly enjoying the challenge of them all and made a commitment to completing every one.

To the left is Challenge G "Front Porch Greeting" an oil painting on
10"x8" canvas and to the right is Challenge H an oil painting on 10"x10" gallery wrapped canvas "Sacred Red". Landscapes have always been my favorite to paint although these challenges have helped me to also enjoy painting figurative work and other subjects and building up my confidence as well as improving the quality of these unfamiliar or less frequently painted subjects.

To the left is my acrylic painting on 5.5"x8.5" sketch paper "Long Day of
Shopping" submission for Challenge I of LPNM and to the right "Distant
Glow" my oil painting submission on 10"x8" canvas for LPNM Challenge J. Below these two on the left is my mini mixed media (pastel and acrylic) painting "Red Mini Surprise" on 4"x4" canvas my submission for Challenge K. and to the right of that is my acrylic painting submission for Challenge M of LPNM "A Little Piece of Heaven" on 10"x8" canvas. I decided not to paint Challenge L as it was stated that the photo was not actually taken in New Mexico and it would have made for thirteen paintings instead of the twelve included in the challenges. So I was very busy the month of October painting these challenges and the only one remaining to be completed is the folklorico dancers for Challenge F.

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