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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Catching up with Paintings Completed in October & November & Road Trips

Besides the paintings done for the "Let's Paint New Mexico" Challenge Show at Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque in December I did a few other paintings during October and November which I will post below. The last couple of months have been busy for me though I've totally enjoyed all the inspiration, continued networking with other artists and beauty of traveling, taking photos of and painting New Mexico.

To the left is my original oil painting on 10"x8" canvas "Storm Rolling In". A dear friend who came to my opening reception as Featured Artist at Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town gave me a photo of a landscape she said reminded her of me and my love of painting landscapes. The photo she gave me was actually quite dark though this painting turned out to be quite a bit lighter.

To the right is my original oil painting on 10"x8" canvas "Brilliant Sunrise". I love sunrises and sunsets and this one along with the landscape came totally from my own thoughts and imagination after traveling many different parts of New Mexico. There are still many places I want to go and explore in New Mexico and having the luxury of time brings with it a wonderful opportunity to explore whenever and wherever I choose. I would like to interject here that I do none of this traveling alone as I have a wonderfully loving and supportive husband who enjoys exploring too.

In between paintings we enjoyed a visit from my nephew and got to take him to Old Town, the Valles Caldera via the Jemez Mountains and Soda Springs and we also enjoyed a day trip to northern New Mexico and Mora returning through Holman Springs, Sipapu, and Chimayo.

Below are some pictures of some of the highlights and beauty on those trips.

Visitors always seem amazed that New Mexico has such beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. My husband and I are always happy to give them a different idea and image of New Mexico each trip they make to visit us.

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