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Friday, December 28, 2012

After Christmas Pre New Year's Resting & Creative Process

  Christmas day as I was unwrapping the ham my husband had requested I cook for dinner from the netting it was wrapped in I was reminded how dangerous our civilization is to our native birds and creatures.  I am an avid lover of nature, the birds and animals and have, for years, cut up whatever netting or plastic that comes from the grocery store that birds could get caught up in and either killed or maimed from.  So ... getting angry as I unwrapped this ham the first watercolor painting done on 5"x7" Canson Watercolor Paper was born which I titled "Protect Our Environment" - Netting Kills.  The second was just something that, after my anger about the netting subsided, came about in a more peaceful and thoughtful way and somehow it reminds me a bit of the scales of a fish tho it remains untitled for now.  

The third painting began as a watercolor tho when I discovered I'd dripped a large spot on the upper left part of the painting I used some acrylic paint there and in the foreground right. Upon noticing a pen spill surrounding the apple in this painting I decided to try and disguise it with the pen dots around the apple itself.  Thus this painting which is a combination watercolor, acrylic, pen on Canson 8"x11.5" Drawing Paper I titled "Convluted Still".

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