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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Having Fun in my Art Studio Sunday, November 12, 2012

Yesterday I started out in my art studio reworking an earlier oval floral and then just felt like goofing around and having some fun doing some drawing and painting small postcard sized acrylic paintings, finishing them up with pen.  Here are some photos of both.

It has been cold here in New Mexico, think the temperature was 15 degrees yesterday morning.  I get excited when I know these temperatures and wintery weather have returned because the sandhill cranes that migrate to and winter here in our area are usually found in the open fields along Highway 313 on Sandia Pueblo lands and also at the Albuquerque Open Space area made for the cranes off of Coors in Albuquerque.  I love the times of snuggling with my husband and drinking some hot chocolate or chai latte tea, knowing that biscochitos are not far off in celebration of Christmas.  We finally, this year, may visit El Modelo in Albuquerque for some tamales also.  I hope that wherever YOU are, you are enjoying this season and I pray that all those affected by the recent storms and horrific weather events receive all the help, hope and love in being supported by others through their struggles in recovering.

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