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Monday, October 8, 2012

Reworked "Red Bouquet" from 2005 on 11x14" Canvas Panel & "Time to Open the Boxes" Acrylic with Pen on 5x7" Wood Board - 7 Oct 2012

Funny that one of my fellow artists tweeted me yesterday to "paint, paint, paint" and that was exactly what I did.  I started out in the afternoon around 3:00 and the last time I looked at the clock early this morning when finished I think it may have read 3:30 (and YES, that's a.m.).

The first painting is an original oil painting I painted in 2005 on 11x14" canvas panel that I happened to see yesterday afternoon and decided I would redo the background.  This one I named "Red Bouquet".

The second is an original acrylic embellished with pen on 5x7" wood panel which I've named "Time to Open the Boxes".  If you look closely you'll notice the box on the left has written on it "Hopes and Dreams" and the one on the right "Gifts and Blessings".  Tho small all of the fine detail was time consuming and yet I feel very good at the final result and thank my friend who suggested yesterday morning that I paint, paint, paint!

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