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Friday, October 19, 2012

Beginnings of "San Antonio Church, Placitas, New Mexico" Original Oil on 5"x7" Wood Panel

I have had a package with grids in it for quite a few years and had not used it.  We came to New Mexico, I think it was twelve years ago, rented a car and drove all over the state but particularly loved Placitas and this little church in the picture to the left.  Last night I decided to finally try using the grid system so sketched the grid and this morning began this little oil painting below the picture about 6 a.m.  I only had about forty minutes to paint before getting ready and going to the dentist to have a crown put on.  I'm so excited now at this new process and can't wait to get on with this painting, however, I have a full day today and only time this morning to post this picture before spending time with dear friends.  I hope to return to this maybe this evening or tomorrow afternoon.  It feels like a new phase for me ... how exciting!

This little painting started out beautifully and then somehow along the line when I thought it was looking wonderful I invited someone to look at it and got some suggestions ... my first mistake was my invitation.  I thought I would have learned by now that I should trust my own gut feelings about my artwork more than midstream suggestions.  So, I redid it and then was so upset with myself that it was not the beautiful little painting I was inspired to paint.  I have to say it's okay and I know that not everything is going to look wonderful.  I have learned a lesson AGAIN and hope I don't make that mistake anymore.  Here is the finished little painting.  I had to just let go of all the expectations I had had and finish and move on to something else.  

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