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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Let's Paint New Mexico Challenge B - Photo and My Oil Painting Submission

To the left is the photo I received as a participant in "Let's Paint New Mexico" for their Challenge B. Each participant the creates their art piece in whatever medium they choose.  Although my first love is oil painting, I do enjoy using watercolor, acrylics, pastels and pen and ink and experimenting with all kinds of "mediums". I think oil painting is my first love because that was what I used in my "lessons" with my instructor, Mrs. Alice Goodman.

To the right is my oil painting "Blooming Chamisa" on 10"x8" canvas and
my submission/rendering of Challenge B. I can see a bit of improvement in my painting as I've always struggled with certain parts of paintings, in this one I feel like I did get the essence of the chamisa and am happy about that. I've also always wanted to "learn to do impressionistic painting" and sometimes feel like I miss the mark though a comment by another artist friend was about this being a beautiful example of impressionistic painting.  What a wonderful compliment and it helped me to make one of my first postings in the impressionist painting page on Facebook. A little at a time I am finding the encouragement, support and inspiration I need to enjoy the artistic life that I have begun living.

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