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Friday, March 27, 2015

Update on Challenge 7 Let's Paint New Mexico - "Ying & Yang in Lavender" and #twitterartexhibit, Moss, Norway

Pictured above is the photograph sent to all participants of "Let's
Paint New Mexico" a couple of weeks ago for Challenge 7.  To the left is my initial acrylic under painting and to the right is my submission "Ying & Yang in Lavender" oil painting, both are on the same 10"x8" canvas.

The #twitterartexhibit was held in Moss, Norway beginning March 12, 2015 and was to run through March 26th, however, it has been such a success that it has been extended through tomorrow, Saturday, March 28th.  I was notified by the founder, David Sandum, that my postcard sized submission (Taos Inspiration, shown in a previous blog post) was no longer on the rotational display which means that it sold. Next year the #twitterartexhibit will be held in New York City and I am excited about the prospect of being a participant again and maybe even being able to attend for my first time.

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