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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Challenge 6 of "Let's Paint New Mexico 2015" & #TwitterArtExhibit Opens in Moss, Norway

To the left is the photo sent to all participants of "Let's Paint New Mexico 2015" for Challenge 6.  Each photo provided for the challenge is usually sent out to all of us on Sunday night and a new photo provided the following Sunday night.  I have been enjoying having my submission in within the week after receiving them until this one arrived two weeks ago tomorrow.  I'm happy to say I was only a few days over the weekly deadline I've silently placed on myself.  As you can see in the photo the sky was pretty much colorless.

To the right is my 10"x8" oil painting on canvas "Pedernal from the Rio" submission for Challenge 6. I decided that because of the subdued light I would make the sky in my painting a bit cloudy. I'm happy with the way it turned out. 

The #TwitterArtExhibit opened in Moss, Norway yesterday.  Artists from around the globe submitted one postcard sized work of art in different mediums and different subjects. Each of these postcards are being sold at the Moss Public Library for $35 each with 100% of the profit benefiting Homestart of Moss.  So many postcards were submitted that they are being displayed and sold on a rotating basis for the duration of the exhibit.  This year there will be no online sales, however, it is already a huge success.  Opening night more postcards were sold and profit made than the entire event held in 2010.  What a wonderful tribute and success for all those involved, especially the founder of the event, David Sandum.  It has been so enriching and wonderful for me to be involved with this event the past three years.  My postcard submission has not been rotated into the exhibit as of yet.  My hope is that someone has as much enthusiasm for these small pieces of art at such an affordable price that will bring even more success and benefit to Homestart of Moss.  Next year #TwitterArtExhibit will be held in New York City.  Stay tuned for more information and updates on both this year's event and the upcoming 2016 event.

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