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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back to Creativity & Enjoying Beautiful New Mexico Spring Weather

Got my new iPhone and happy to say the pictures I've taken with it have turned out nicely ... well, here ...
judge for yourself.  It has been a pretty smooth transition although I have to say I was having a bit of withdrawal not having my phone for a few days (I recycled it, getting a really good deal through our carrier).

Thinking about the difference between last year, this time, and this year I am reminded we really didn't have a spring last year.  It seemed that we went straight from winter into summer.  This year has been just gorgeous and although anyone from New Mexico can attest to the fact that usually spring sucks as far as blowing wind and dirt goes, we have had a wonderful winter and a cooler spring this year and even expecting monsoons to return this summer.  I love living in New Mexico with it's slower pace of life, natural beauty, cultural history and appreciation and an abundance of artists and art venues to both challenge and grow me as an artist.

Here is a colored pencil drawing I did recently and a mixed media piece just to keep those creative juices flowing.  I just today finished painting a birdhouse for an upcoming raffle and can now move on into more serious painting.  I'm so looking forward to a beautiful summer of painting and enjoying living, seeing new and beautiful areas of New Mexico.

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