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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Busy Time During the Past Week - "Beauty of the Valles Caldera" Finished Today

Last week I took this painting on the right to my friend and she and her husband have already installed it above their fireplace.  I have to admit it looks perfect there. I had also done some wedding invitation samples at the request of a friend's daughter though not my specialty and in keeping their privacy won't show pictures of the samples I created for them though they seemed very happy with the result.

Yesterday in order to get the creative juices flowing I had to paint SOMETHING but didn't really feel like working on the oil painting I started about a week ago so doodling created this little acrylic painting I'm calling "Limbering Up" in getting those creative juices flowing.

This morning have been fighting off a cold though found the time and had the motivation to finish the original oil painting on 9"x12" canvas I started last week "Beauty of the Valles Caldera".  I love this particular place in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico and hope that love shows through in all the paintings I do of this beautiful and natural state I call home.  

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