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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alive & Well - R&R in our RV & Continuing Projects

Honestly, I have not vanished from the face of the earth though after a very busy time and finishing up some ongoing projects I took a brief absence of posting. Will try and catch you up with a few pictures.

First is a picture of a friend with his finished oil painting of the cranes from photos he'd taken at Bosque de Apache.  I'm so glad he liked it and continues to gift me with beautiful photos he's taken that are so inspiring to me.

Another friend gifted me with two beautiful handmade birdhouses and after thinking long and hard about it decided that rather than gift them to anyone else I have begun painting both to give back to her.

My husband and I took a few days to relax in the Jemez Mountains in our RV.  It was beautiful and we were pleased with afternoon monsoons and healing rains.  I did some painting while there.
"Tranquil Waters"
Coming home from RVing we thought our resident
hummingbirds had departed though after filling the two feeders in our backyard they returned as evidenced by this photo I took the other day.  The flower seed I scattered months ago is sprouting everywhere and I hope to have some beautiful pictures of that to post soon.  Life is good and New Mexico is always inspiring and beautiful for me.

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