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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finished Birdhouse for Friend and Two Paintings Finished Today

Started on a birdhouse for a friend on Thursday and finished it today.  I have to say this one has some things I've not had on any other of the birdhouses I've painted with love individualized for each lady as my gift to them (one of which is a bird painting that I think came out beautifully).  I won't post pics of this one until after I give it to this special lady.

After finishing the birdhouse thought I'd try my hand at Challenge 10 for the "Let's Paint New Mexico" blog.  It was quite a challenge for me since I'm not used to painting cars and there was an awful lot going on in this picture.  I am still a work in progress but happy with the results, shown here to the left.  I am calling this one "Cruisin' New Mexico Style", it is watercolor on 5"x7" postcard.

The other painting I did tonight is "Purple Majesty" an acrylic and watercolor painting on very small 4"x5" canvas, it is in the photo to the right.

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