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Monday, October 18, 2010

Paintings of Mine From the Past - NOT FOR SALE - In the Collection of Friends & Family

Original Oil Painting
In the Collection of Mildred Neely
Shawnee, OK
Oil Painting by Jo Anne Neely Gomez
"A. Gutknecht's Grodnertal, Austria"
in the Collection of Richard & Ruth Davis
Beaumont, CA

Original Oil Painting
"Cindy's Seascape"
by Jo Anne Neely Gomez
in the Collection of
Steve & Cindy Smith
Redlands, CA
Original Oil Painting
"One Cove Over"
In the Collection of
Ronald Gomez
Grand Terrace, CA


Original Watercolor Painting
"Frank & Sandra Beliveau House - New Hampshire"
In the Collection of Frank Beliveau
Northwood, New Hampshire

Original Oil Painting
"Longing for the Lake"
In the Collection of
David & Kathleen Ruiz
Garden Valley, CA

Original Seascape by Jo Anne Neely Gomez
"Purple Sunset"
In the Collection of Eduardo & Gallina Larios
Rio Rancho, NM



Anonymous said...

I'm having fits trying to 'comment' and not just to you but others too...hope this makes it. Thanks for sharing these past pieces...seems you were always an advanced painter....when did you start?

Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

Thank you, I began lessons with A. Goodman in 1997 for about 8 months, had some medical issues/obstacles for a few years and just recently reinvigorated & painting more consistently