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Friday, February 12, 2016

#24 Through #30 Challenge "30 Paintings in 30 Days" and Lessons Learned

#24 was actually my Challenge 2 painting for "Let's Paint New Mexico" that I thought I would also use as a challenge painting for my 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. A photo was sent to all participating artists for LPNM and we paint our own rendition in whatever medium we choose in our own style of painting for each challenge painting. I painted this very late at night as I was staying up painting most of the nights towards the end of my 30 paintings challenge. That morning I visited my dear friend and we went for a walk in the Bosque. Sandhill Cranes were at her house when I arrived that morning and surprisingly as I got out of my car started walking toward and up to me. Usually they go the other direction. I was able to take quite a few photos of them. I decided to distinguish my own LPNM challenge painting from the others I would add some cranes to this painting. This painting "Bosque Cranes" on 10'x8" canvas is typical of this area because of the cranes wintering here in the fields and Bosque. This painting is now framed and available for purchase at Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque.

#25 "Sunlit Canyon" an original oil painting on 10"x8" canvas was something that came straight from my mind. As I was painting these challenge paintings I realized I was putting immense pressure on myself to paint quickly to be able to finish the challenge on time. In the midst of that pressure I realized how much respect and appreciation I have for artists who can paint fast and produce many paintings though for me when I do that my paintings sometimes lack the quality and inspiration my paintings do where I take my time. This painting was done as well as #24 posted above after I took some time for myself, did some journeling, meditation and prayer.

#26 "Highway 4 Jemez" is my original abstract on 8"x10" canvas. By the time I was to this part of these challenge paintings I have to say that I was very aware that rushing myself while painting is not conducive to my own good health, creativity and serenity. I just wanted to catch up and finish the challenge.

#27 above and to the right is a watercolor on 6"x4" watercolor postcard which I have not titled yet. I was hurrying and trying to catch up as I did this little painting.

#28 to the left started out as a watercolor. As I painted this I was not happy with parts of it and decided to use acrylic. At one point it seemed to be finished and I added the gold pen embellishment. As happens at times, the perfectionist artist in me came out and I kept trying to "fix" the facial features. I know that watercolor is not forgiving or easy to go back and fix though being rushed and feeling pressured I wasn't about to start over on something else. So ... the lesson in this little painting "50's Dancer" on 6"x4" watercolor postcard was "leave it alone and step away from the painting" (which I obviously didn't do, but what a great lesson it was).

#29 "Hollyhocks of New Mexico" watercolor, acrylic and pen and ink on 6"x4" postcard was inspired by the photo for a challenge painting by LPNM that I wanted to try in a different medium. To be honest with you I was so very tired, almost to the point of exhaustion by the time I finished this painting I was happy that it turned out as well as it did.

#30 A watercolor, acrylic painting detailed with pen and ink on 6"x4" watercolor postcard was inspired by a hanging plant in my backyard and my final painting for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge".

I challenged myself doing these paintings. Some paintings turned out very nicely and others were ones I hesitated to even post. It was a challenge, a personal challenge for me. Perhaps had I been able to paint one painting a day I would have made this challenge much easier on myself. Life happens, I had many obstacles after deciding to do this challenge and losses of friends and family members. Painting so much helped me to release and express some of those feelings and that is always good. The lessons learned are that as an artist I don't need to "compete" with any other artist or try to paint like anyone else. I also don't need to paint quickly as it only stresses me out and the results lack the quality, inspiration and uniqueness that is ME. What a wonderful discovery to make. I am genuinely grateful and appreciate all my artist friends with their different styles of painting, unique obstacles and successes. I think before doing this challenge I may have been a bit envious of artists who can paint quickly and produce many paintings. What I now know about myself is that as I take my time and paint what I love I am using the talent my creator has given me and it is my PLEASURE to share it with others. I live and I learn. I hope to never stop learning and growing. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and encourage me. I am forever grateful for all those positives in my life on my journey to becoming a better artist and person.

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