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Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Forward to 2014 After Wonderful Christmas and Inspiration

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and a visit from our daughter to spend the holidays with us.  This was the first Christmas we've spent together in probably 20 years and the first in our home in New Mexico. It was a great time. We visited Old Town Albuquerque and though we've taken our daughter before, this time we visited The Rattlesnake Museum and bought some rattlesnake mugs (like the ones Craig Ferguson uses on his Late Late Show). Here is a picture of the three mugs we bought while there. Taking her to the airport for a 6 a.m. flight back to California was a little crazy and though we were a little concerned she might not make her flight (very crowded) she did make it.  It was our first experience watching them de-ice an airplane before take off too.

Here are two paintings I've worked on in the past few days of 2013.  The first is a small 4x6" watercolor with gold and silver pen embellishment I'm calling "Abstracted Forest Hillside", it is on watercolor postcard.  The second is something I started in an
icon workshop though dropped out of the class and finished it on my own with my own interpretation.  So the title of this painting is "My Version, Lady With Roses" which is now multimedia because of the combination of oil paint, gold pen, fabric roses hot glued onto the 9x12" board.

Today is the day for removing all the Christmas decorations and preparing for a brand new year.  I am looking forward to a bright new year of 2014 and so motivated and inspired by all the new connections I've made with other artists on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I am very grateful for the generous support and encouragement they give me along with wonderful insights, tips and beautiful inspiration through their own artwork.  The photograph I took of this sunset reminds me what a bright, beautiful and inspiring 2014 this can be, if I just keep my mind and attitude looking toward the light and the wonderful inspiration and blessings God has in store for me.

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