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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some Painting and Enjoying Beautiful, Cooler Weather

It has been a wonderful transition for us into fall here in New Mexico.  Paintings I've done in the last few weeks started with finishing the birdhouses I started to give as love gifts to friends.  The "sketch" I did next I finished off with gold pen and think the title "New Mexico Color" seemed quite appropriate.  Here is a picture of it.

I then did my 4"x6" postcard submission for the Twitter Art Exhibit coming up in February 2014 in Orlando, FL.  This one I named "Artist's Gold, Santa Fe, New Mexico".  A friend suggested maybe we need to go over to Orlando to be there in person.  What a wonderful idea!!!
I had an oil painting I decided to bring out and rework and like it much better now.  This is a 20"x16" original oil on canvas I title "Nature's Blazing Sun".

The past week has been beautiful fall weather and with Balloon Fiesta beginning last Saturday perfect weather for visitors from so many different states and countries.  We are expecting family this next week and very excited they're coming at such a beautiful time of the year, just before the leaves fall. 

We were pleasantly surprised this morning seeing this
balloon right over our house and to hear, as I was saying to my husband "wow, look there's a balloon right over the house", "hi there, how you doing?" from the people in the balloon. 
What a wonderful time to be alive, enjoying beautiful fall weather and New Mexico!

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