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Thursday, July 5, 2012

"He's a Handsome Boy" Original Oil on 9x12" Canvas Panel

I started this oil painting about two months ago before I had to take a break from almost everything recuperating from a traffic accident where another person broadsided my car.  I am grateful today to all my friends and family that have understood I've had to curtail my regular routine and things I enjoy while healing. I hope that my renewed sense of appreciation of life, of the beauty in the world and especially the wonderful state of New Mexico that I live in somehow are inspiring or motivational for anyone else who has crisis sneaking around the corner and dealing with it in a positive and proactive way.  I hope that I can use the rest of this summer to paint, paint, paint and to also find that wonderfully serene and peaceful, purposeful balance of being an artist with all the other aspects of my life.

God has gifted me in so many ways and I only wish to share those gifts in showing my appreciation to God.


Sandy Byers said...

Jo Anne,
I really enjoy your chicken painting! You also have a wonderful attitude in the face of some of your recent life events. God bless, Sandy.

Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

Thank you Sandy, sorry I hadn't seen your comment until now. So good to know that if I just stay true to myself, express my honest feelings and paint through all the rough times things to eventually get better. I am so very blessed in my life and grateful to have the friends I do and now fellow artists. Your encouragement and support mean more to me than I can really say. Big big hugs & again thank you!