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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8x10 Original Oil Painting "Ant Exploring Hollyhock" Minus the "Ant"

original oil on 8x10 canvas panel
"Ant Exploring Hollyhock - Minus Ant"
This little oil painting is completing the study I started titled "Ant Exploring Hollyhock".  The first in the series was a prismacolor pencil drawing, second was watercolor with pen & ink embellisments and this last one is the oil rendering.  The day that I painted this was the day of the funeral service for a dear man thus the reason that the "ant" is missing in this last in the series, somewhat symbolic.  So I dedicate this painting to Mr. Dewey Wright of Seminole, OK and trust that today he has rejoined his beloved wife, Eloise and they are laughing and dancing in heaven. 


Nancy Medina said...

Jo Anne I love the shapes and colors - one of my favorite flowers! Thank you for the kind words you shared. You are a remarkable gal!

Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

Thank you Nancy, I actually revisited this painting and added back in the "ant exploring" but need to take a picture of it and post. You and your artwork are just beautiful and so inspiring, thank YOU.